Regular Road Work
Five case studies of the kind of projects that are our bread and butter. Please call us about your project.

Our Facility

It all started in the winter of 1977-78 over some wine and a steak dinner. The next step was a 5,000-square-foot building and the opening of Automotive Restorations Inc. in the summer of 1978. The collector car world was much smaller and less robust then, but our interest, commitment and passion for mechanical antiquity and classic style of eras past that fueled this company's founding has served us well ever since. We still feel privileged to do as we have been doing for the last 30 years, and we know, we are better at it with each passing years. We have worked, learned, and grown every year throughout this period. In 1985 we relocated to a 12,000 square foot facility on Barnum Avenue in Stratford, Connecticut. We continued to grow. We added locations and segmented the various parts of our operations until we found ourselves in 5 Fairfield and New Haven County locations with regular logistics sessions to keep track of it all.

ARI @ 1785 Barnum Ave.
1992 -2007
VRS @ 305 Sniffens Lane
Derby Body shop circa 2004 Warehouses, one of 3.
This in Ansonia

Our growth continued such that it became clear that the smart thing to do was consolidate. Where to go was the question? We needed to remain in our market to continue to serve our customer base properly and efficiently. We knew we could not go far and take proper care of all the loyal customers who made our growth a reality. We had to find the right space close by to maintain our casual and unpressured yet professional and goal driven style.

After a great deal of time and effort, the fall of 2006 yielded just such a possibility, brought to us by none other than one of our loyal customers, Steve Crowley of S.C.A. Commercial, a man very much on the ball when it comes to real estate. A 40,000 square foot but now bankrupt book bindery built in the early eighties and in use for that purpose ever since had become available. It neared perfection; right off I-95, less than ½ mile from our Barnum Avenue spot, and in great condition though not exactly outfitted to our end use. The deal was made in February of 2007, construction began immediately thereafter and we moved into our new, purpose built and far more efficient shops during the summer of 2007. Our Vintage Racing Services affiliate moved in early fall as did The Panel Shop, Anthony Blankley our trimmer and about 28 years worth of rare parts, special tools and all the bulky but precious “stuff” that surrounds a craft such as ours.

Side view, overhead doors
sorely needed

Rear view, looking from I-95 Southbound Cleaned and ready to start construction Step one, plans and all in its place
Construction gets underway Walls, spaces and restorative spaces take shape

Heavy equipment = exterior renewal While inside, walls & spray booths flourish
Step one, plans and all in its place

There is a much needed door at last The forward façade comes alive Inside our soon to be filled showroom
If we can get this builders stuff out We can paint the walls and floors A nearly finished showroom The painted front façade needs only autos

We have been operating at our new location for a few months as this goes to press. What a treat. Everything right were we need it and can see it. There is space for us to warehouse the objects or our attention while this or that gets restored without the use of a flatbed or trailer. Practitioners of all the specialized disciplines needed to do the complete job under one roof to interact and see that it all works just as it should. The efficiencies are dramatic, the demeanor is divine and we are all delighted. It cost plenty, but it was worth it and we know it will show in our work and our customers’ satisfaction.

The photos tell the story. To see for yourself, please stop in and have a look whenever it suits your schedule.

July 07, the move begins, cars 1st

Fall approaches, and the cars keep coming
Moving in gets going . . . construction out cars in Cars and tow motor, clean and neat A pleasant place to work and be worked on September 07, VRS The race shop

A few fine Ferraris find there way home Woodies most welcome Projects await, thanks for your patience

Space to lay it all out as it should be A place to come to bits and be rebuilt
Where the bits needed can be found…or made

A place to strut our stuff Space to work and care for the best
So, here we are at the new spot…what’s next

Cars content, time for a Grand opening party A party to remember, thanks to all for coming

Thanks to all for your patronage
….here’s to you!

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