Regular Road Work
Five case studies of the kind of projects that are our bread and butter. Please call us about your project.


Hi Craig

I left a message on your cell phone earlier in the week. Just in case you didn't get that, I want to thank you and the whole ARI team for getting Phase 1 of the GH Truck done so quickly and effectively (and you even got the old stickers off the box!).

We had enough time to freeze the box down to +3 Farenheit in time for the party last Saturday. We had just enough cable to reach the electric dryer outlet in the laundry room - so the decision to add 30 feet of cable was critical.

At the party on Sat night, there was quite a reaction when the garage door went up to reveal the 1969 Ford 250 GH Truck. Most of the people in attendance hadn't seen one of these this close-up in 30 years. The members of the new fundraising committee were there and they are already working on the initial list of children's sites that we plan to visit with Truck 25 between now and the end of September.

Mission Accomplished.

We will be back to start Phase 2 in October.

Thanks again.
You guys are the best.


E. Dean Butler
Cincinnati, Ohio


I took the Elan for a 10-15 mile ride tonight, and it seems like a brand new car.

The low-speed engine characteristics and throttle response are vastly better.
Thanks for the way you've hande[d] all this. It really is appreciated!


A thank you for our preparation and exhibit of an Elva Courier for the Greenwich Concours 2010.

Kent -

Thank you! Car was beautifully prepared for Concours!!



I took the Elan for a 10-15 mile ride tonight & it seems like a brand new car.

The low speed engine characteristics and throttle response are vastly better.

Thanks for the way you’ve handled all this. It really is appreciated.


Kent & Brian,

Thanks for a great 2005 vintage race season. Looking forward to 2006 being even better.

(Mark R. Simpson)

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December 2, 2002

Mr. Kent S. Bain
Automotive Restorations, Inc.
1785 Barnum Avenue
Stratford, CT 06614

Dear Kent,

More often than not, a vendor only hears from a customer when there is a problem. I hope to change that one-sided practice. It is only right that a vendor be praised when a customer is not only satisfied, but feels as though the vendor has done all in his power to fulfill his obligations to the customer in a most professional and personal manner.

Such is the case in my experience with you and the personnel of Automotive Restorations. From the time we first met in mid 2001 to my decision to move forward with the project in late 2001 to final completion in mid 2002, you and your firm have been absolutely honest, straightforward and have delivered, although not inexpensively, what you have promised. (Remember the old adage: "The stench of poor quality lingers long after the sting of price has disappeared.") You have been promptly responsive to details as they arose and, because of your personal interest in the project and your sense of ethics you often provided additional finishing details and service at no charge because they were the right things to do in a project of this size.

Today, my 1975 Mercedes-Benz, totally restored without flaws, sits in my garage in Newport Beach, California again, thanks to your shipping arrangements, as testimony to how it should work in this somewhat jaded world of customer-vendor relationship and performance.

Many thanks to you, Chip, Craig, Denise and Denise for all their patient efforts on my behalf.



Dear Mr. Bain:

When I had my 1974 Jensen brought to Automotive Restorations Inc. it was showing many signs of its age.

Now that the work has been completed by the numerous artists and craftspeople at your company, my Jensen looks beautiful again. The wonderful work on my favorite automobile has helped restore it to its former glory. Many people have given me compliments about how great the Jensen now looks. The compliments truly belong to you and your team. Many thanks to all of you.



The Jeep looks great. You have a terrific eye for detail but need some work on your estimates. It will probably be a while before I start my next project.

Enjoy the Wild Turkey.


P.S. Or my wife will kill me.

Dear Kent

Please convey to all whose efforts contributed to the restoration of my wife's BMW. My sincere thanks and appreciation for their wonderful work and attention to detail. Your oversight and operations speak for themselves in the high calibre, quality and excellence of the finished results. Many thanks.

Richard F.

Dear Kent:

Thank you for the very fine job that you and your people did on by Benz.

Richard S.

What would it cost to remove the front chrome and powder coat them?


This is a letter long overdue. The thoughts expressed are those of appreciation and acknowledgement. Over the past six years, you and your shop have worked on nine cars of mine. Restored three of them from frame up, re-designed two, built race engines, and you're responsible for bringing the Tojeiro from the back of the pack competitively to the top 10% in the highly competitive class of sports racers. All of which was performed with the highest degree of professionalism. The results not only speak for themselves, but others recognize your superior work as well -- from the tech inspector to the fan with the camera. Auto Resotrations, not being a philanthropic endeavor, charges money for the work performed, but I've gotten so much more from our relationship as have others -- counsel, support, tech advice and answering the never-ending questions.

I have been interested in the craftmanship of cars since the age of thirteen and have owned tempermental beauties since the age of eighteen. In that time I have lived in eleven different cities, so I know of what I speak when I praise Automotive Restorations caliber of performance.

I consider myself fortunate to have found Automotive Restorations, and appreciate the quality of work. Separately, I consider you a friend. Thoreau is attributed with saying, "A man cannot be said to succeed in this life who does not satisfy one friend."



To Everyone Involved with My Car --

Thank You and I Hope This Shows Well at Automotive Restoration.

Talk To You Soon --

Jim K.

Dear Kent:

Perhaps the photos that will be published about the New England Tour 1000 will be testimony enough: my DB4 GT emerged from your place looking spectacular!

The GT also performed well enough too over a 1,500 mile drill; the first place overall is ample compensation. Of course, the FTD's in the hillclimbs are the real source of joy! Ask my navigator Bob Brown...or wait for his Sports Illustrated story for the true confessions!

Some minor details remain: please see the attached "do list." Overall the panel work appears superb; your team did an especially graceful job on the gentle fender flares to accommodate racing tires in heat. The ancient Aston "Fiesta Red" struck a resonant chord with Bob and Sally Stockman; they had an epiphany -- that is the color for their 2 liter. Let's see how we do in the concours at the Interlaken in late July!

Yo -- that's all for now in Grand Touring!

Nick C.

Automotive Restorations Inc., 100 Lupes Drive, Stratford, CT 06615 | 203-377-6745